How to Defrost Your Mini Fridge


The mini-fridge has become a necessity for people living in college dorms and studio apartments. You don’t need much space to keep it as it is small and compact. 

It is flexible and functional with enough storage space to keep all snacks and drinks you need. However, if you are using a mini-fridge, you also need to maintain it properly. 

Maintenance includes cleaning the fridge from time to time, storing all the things in order, throwing away expired things, etc. Most of the people who use this fridge have to take care of routine maintenance. 

It also includes defrosting mini-fridge. Before you go on a vacation or holiday, you need to defrost it to avoid a mess. The majority of the people forget about defrosting and end up cleaning the mess when they return.

If you don’t know how to defrost a mini-fridge, we can help you. We are going to show you an easy step by step guide to defrosting a mini-fridge.

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Mini Fridge:

It is a small and compact version of a full-fledged refrigerator. You will find this type of fridge, mostly in offices, studio apartments, college dorm rooms and hotel rooms.

The size of this fridge is small so that it can easily fit in little to no space. You can store perishable food items, drinks, beverages, leftovers in it. In short, if you want to store items in a fridge but don’t have enough space to keep one, you can invest in a mini-fridge.

It is a small version of the fridge with the same functionalities. You can make ice cubes, store alcohol, drinks, water and all the other things. 

Why Defrost Mini Fridge?

It is very important to defrost a mini-fridge. Defrosting is a part of maintenance which helps to increase the lifespan of the fridge. If you want your mini-fridge to keep working without any problems or issues, you need to defrost it from time to time.

Nowadays, most of the fridges have “auto-defrost” or “frost-free” mechanisms which don’t have to defrost. However, if you are using an old model, you need defrosting.

Over a period of time, the frost accumulates in the freezer, making a huge iceberg in the fridge. It blocks the air vents, which causes the ice to melt and create a mess. 

The ice will occupy all the space in the fridge, thereby rendering it useless. To prevent ice from accumulating, you need to defrost the mini-fridge. 

You also need to defrost your mini-fridge if you are going on a vacation or long holiday. When you cut off the power, the fridge stops working. It causes the ice to melt and create a puddle beneath the fridge. Along with that, all the items stored in the fridge will rot.

Because of all this reason, it is important for you to defrost your mini-fridge. 

Things You Will Need For Defrosting Your Mini Fridge:

If you are planning to defrost your mini-fridge, you will need all these things. Keep all these things ready in advance to avoid any mess.

  • Towels
  • Waste Rags
  • Drip Pans
  • Cleaning Supplies

How to Defrost Your Mini Fridge?

There are two methods to defrost your mini-fridge. Follow the steps as per the type of fridge you are using.

Steps for Automatically Defrosting the Mini Fridge:

Nowadays, you will find a “defrost button” in the control panel of the mini-fridge. When you see ice accumulation on the sidewalls of the fridge, you need to defrost it. If you are using this advance mini-fridge, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Evacuate the Mini Fridge

The first thing you need to do is evacuate the fridge by removing all the items from it. You can throw away all the waste items and keep other things properly on the counter to avoid condensation mess on the floor.

Step 2: Keep Drip Pan and Rugs

Now, you need to keep drip pans or waste rugs in the fridge where there is ice accumulation. As the ice will melt, the water will be collected in the drip pan.

Step 3: Press Defrost Button

Now, you need to press the defrost button in the fridge to melt off all the ice and frost accumulation. The fridge will stop working automatically, and the ice will melt gradually. It will take a few hours for the ice to melt.

Step 4: Clean the Mini Fridge

Once all the ice melts, you need to clean the fridge to remove all the mess. You can use clean cloth along with cleaning supplies to clean the fridge. Clean all the containers, trays and parts of the mini-fridge with soap to remove stains and dried up food.

Step 5: Store Everything Back

After cleaning the moisture, condensation, debris from the fridge and throwing away the water, you need to store everything back in order. The fridge will start working automatically once the ice melts, so you need to quickly clean and set up all things in it.

Steps for Manually Defrosting the Mini Fridge:

If you are using an old and traditional mini-fridge, you need to defrost it manually. There is no defrosting button, so you need to follow all the steps manually.

Step 1: Evacuate the Mini Fridge

You have to evacuate the mini-fridge and store all the items safely. If you have ice cream or other perishable foods, store it in another fridge.

Step 2: Unplug the Mini Fridge

Now, you need to turn off the power and unplug the fridge. As there is no power, the frost will start melting.

Step 3: Use Rags, Towels and Dripping Pan

You need to keep rags and towels beneath the fridge to soak up all the water from the melted ice. You can also keep dripping pans in the fridge to collect as much water as you can.

Step 4: Remove All the Shelves and Drawers

You need to remove all the shelves and drawers from the fridge to clean it properly. It will speed up the defrosting process.

Step 5: Clean the Water

You need to keep the fridge unplugged overnight to defrost all the ice. It takes nearly 12 to 14 hours for the defrost process to work. Once all the ice is gone, you need to throw away the water and clean excess water from the fridge. Clean away all the moisture and condensation.

Step 6: Clean the Mini Fridge

Now, you need to clean the fridge using the cleaning supplies. You need to clean the shelves, drawers along with each and every part of the fridge.

Step 7: Rearrange the Mini Fridge

Once the fridge is clean and spotless, you need to rearrange all the things inside it. Keep the drawers and shelves in place. Keep all the things in order.

Step 8: Plug-In and Power On

Now, you need to plug in the fridge and switch on the power to make the mini-fridge functional again.

These are the steps; you need to follow in order to defrost your mini-fridge. If you notice a thick ice layer covering the walls of your mini-fridge, you need to defrost it. 

You need to follow this routine maintenance every three months. It will help you to increase the lifespan of your mini-fridge and keep the bad odor away.

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