How To Clean Your Espresso Machine With Vinegar (5 Steps)


How To Clean Your Espresso Machine
With Vinegar

You could be a daily coffee drinker or the social / Sunday coffee drinker, but if you own an espresso or coffee machine then you are going to need to clean it. It does not take much effort at all to get your espresso machine clean, in fact – you can do it in less than 10 minutes.

You will only need a few household items that you probably already have. Some items from the machine may be washed inside the dishwasher. But the water tank, wand and other bits will have to be washed by hand. This “How To Clean Your Espresso Machine With Vinegar” guide does not cover how to flush your espresso machinefollow the manufacturers instructions for this, you can find them inside the instruction manual.

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What You Are Going To Need To Clean Your Espresso Machine

  • Vinegar
  • Gentle Sponge
  • Hot Water
  • Spray Bottle
  • Dish detergent
  • Paper towel or teatowel
  • 15 minutes

Step By Step – How To Clean Your Espresso Machine With Vinegar

Step one – Disassemble the espresso machine

How To Clean Your Espresso Machine With Vinegar (5 Steps) 2021

The first thing is first and that is to remove the portafilter. That’s what some people call the coffee handle. You will need to remove this and place it in the dishwasher if you have it. If you don’t just place it in the sink with warm water and dish detergent.

How To Clean Your Espresso Machine With Vinegar (5 Steps) 2021

Remove the drip tray, the water tank (if it can be removed), and the milk beakers and place them in the sink with the portafilter to soak in dish detergent.

Step two – Making the spray

Simply fill your spray bottle about 1/5 of the way with vinegar and the rest with hot water (don’t use boiling, you will melt the plastic). You can add some salt to the solution as well if you like, it’s not a must but it is optional. Make sure you put the trigger nozzle back on the bottle tightly. Don’t leave it loose or else the vinegar water will spill all over your hands.

Step three – Spraying the espresso machine

You should start spraying the espresso machine as soon as you have finished making the vinegar spray. Spray liberally, from the bottom to the top of your espresso machine. Make sure your espresso machine is dripping because the wetness will make it easier to wipe away the dirt and grime from the coffee machine. You should only take a few minutes to spray your machine, any more than that will be overkill. You know – margin of deminishing returns.

Step four – Wipe the espresso machine dry

Wipe your espresso machine dry, with the paper towel or tea towel. If there is still dirt on the machine then repeat step three. Continue steps three and four until your machine is clean and dry.

Step five – Wash the bits and bobs

Remember the portafilter, drip tray, and milk beakers in the sink? You can finish washing those now. Remember to dry them immediately otherwise, you will get stains on your espresso machine equipment. Once they have been dry you may put them back into the espresso machine.

How Often Should You Clean Your Espresso Machine?

  • Milk Beakers and Wand: After every coffee.
  • The Portafilter: Every day but make sure you rinse it after every coffee.
  • The drip tray: Every day, but wipe it after every coffee.
  • The espresso machine: Every second day.

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