How To Clean Your Electric Kettle


If you own an electric kettle then you would have noticed fluff growing on top after several months. That kettle fluff has simply got to go. If you let that fluff get to thick, it becomes very sticky.

I clean my kettle every other week to make sure it is clean, and that the water is safe to drink. You want to keep your kettle clean to be safe from filth and unwanted impurities.

Hot Tip: If your water starts to taste metallic – it’s time to clean your kettle. The taste you are getting on your tongue, that’s heavy metals and those can be fatal.

Why You Should Learn How to Clean Your Electric Kettle

In the united states we are so used to having high quality water. That water we take for granted allows us the security to stop and think about our water consumption. Have often have you asked yourself – “is this water clean?”

Once you taste unclean water, you will take this advice on and start cleaning your kettle more often.

Quick Tips and Tricks About How To Clean Your Electric Kettle

How To Clean Your Electric Kettle
It’s okay to experiment with old electric kettles, if you are careful of course!

What You Will Need To Clean Your Electric Kettle

  • Demineralized water
  • Gentle sponge or scourer
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Baking powder
  • Access to Hot Water

Demineralized water contains no heavy metals or impurities- it’s been treated for household appliances in mind like Irons or clothing steamers. You get can demineralized water for a few dollars. It is inexpensive and can be used reliably. It will not leave any marks on the inside of your kettle and is considered extremely safe to use for cleaning. It’s even safer than vinegar, so you know you can trust this cleaning product.

You need to use a gentle sponge or scourer, you may use scourers with dish-soap prepacked if you choose. You should always clean starting from the inside of the kettle to the outside. This is so that you avoid wetting the heat plates within the bottom kettle because they have been designed to sense water easily and turn-off as a reflex. So, scrub inside, with a scourer without dish soap at first. This is to weaken the bonds of the scaling and dirt on the bottom of the kettle.

When you are ready, fill in the kettle about 60% full of demineralized water. Now you can soak your scourer or gentle sponge with demineralized water and dishwashing detergent. You are soaking your sponge to prepare for the hot scrubbing of the inside of the kettle. Once the kettle has been boiled, empty it carefully into the sink and whilst the inside of the kettle is still warm, scrub as carefully as you can. Start with the bottom of the kettle and work your way onto the sides.

Once you have rinsed the soap suds from the kettle whilst being careful not to wet the bottom of the kettle. Wipe down the outside of the kettle with a damp cloth. This is to help the baking powder bond to the outside of the kettle.

Once the kettle is covered in baking soda, leave it where it gets the most sun on the kitchen table. The heat from the sun will help the baking soda do it’s job. Do this for about 30 mins. Now that has finished, you can begin rubbing the kettle with a scourer or gentle sponge that was soaked in dish detergent. This will make your kettle appear to be good as new.

If you still have persistent scaling or marks on your kettle you can add more baking soda and damp your scourer or gentle sponge with vinegar and start rubbing on the outside of the kettle.

You might also want to try mixing dish detergent in hot water and scrubbing the outside of the kettle with that. In the alternative of your kettle really is that old and cannot be cleaned, then you should get a new one, so check out our list of the best electric kettles 2021.

How to keep your kettle clean
Keep Your Kettle Clean

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