How to Choose a Stainless Steel Microwave

Microwave is the most popular countertop appliance after a gas stove. Nowadays, most people have switched from bulky ovens to small and compact microwave.

The best thing about this kitchen appliance is that it doesn’t take much storage space and is very functional. Most of the devices are built so that you can easily keep it on the counter without compromising on the space.

You can also choose a built-in microwave and install it in your kitchen cabinet. This cooking device works just like an oven. You will get all the cooking functionalities with it.

How to choose a stainless steel microwave

All you need to do is keep food in the microwave, choose settings, set temperature, timer and let the food cook on its own. It doesn’t make much mess and is very easy to clean.

You can reheat food in just 1 or 2 minutes with this device. It is fast and helps you to save a lot of time. On top of that, you can cook a variety of foods on this appliance.

Unlike the oven, it uses electromagnetic waves to cook food. The device release microwaves when current is passed through it. These waves easily penetrate the food and heat the water molecules in the food. This is how; it uses the water content in the food to heat it.

What is a Stainless Steel Microwave?

The microwave comes in various materials. The external body is mostly made of metal, ceramic or plastic. The internal cavity is made of stainless steel or ceramic.

Out of all the types of metals, the best one is stainless steel. As steel is a good conductor of heat, it helps you to cook food in less time. 

Stainless steel microwave is made of stainless steel exterior as well as the interior. It comes in shiny silver colour and is strong and sturdy. 

Why Choose Stainless Steel Microwave?

It is best to choose stainless steel microwave because it helps in better heating. Steel is a good conductor of heat, allows you to evenly heat the up.

Apart from that, it provides better protection from leakages. Microwaves might leak out of the device is the interior cavity is not strong enough to reflect. Stainless steel can quickly reflect the waves and prevent them from escaping.

It helps you to save a lot of power and prevent health hazards. Stainless steel exterior is rust-resistant and spotless. It is also easy to clean and stain proof. You can easily clean it.

How to Choose Stainless Steel Microwave?

If you are planning to buy a new stainless steel microwave, here are some factors you need to consider to make the right choice. Follow this guide to choose the best stainless steel microwave in the market.

Stainless Steel Interior/ Exterior:

The first thing you need to check is the outer material and internal cavity material. Even though some manufacturers claim the microwave is made of stainless steel, some parts are made of plastic and other materials. So you need to make sure the body, handle, door, and the cavity is made of stainless steel metal.


Stainless steel microwave can be quite expensive, so you need to consider the price. If you want a suitable quality appliance, get ready to shell out a good amount of money. On average, a stainless steel microwave will cost you around $200 to $300. You can also get a cheaper appliance if you compromise a bit on quality, size and functions.

Style and Design:

This is another thing you need to check. There are different styles and designs of microwaves available in the market. You can choose from compact, countertop, standalone or built-in microwave. If you have a small kitchen, it is best to go with small and compact countertop stainless steel microwave.


Size of the microwave matters a lot. It is available in different sizes. You can either purchase a compact microwave or a large appliance. You need to check the dimensions of the device to make sure it fits perfectly on the counter. It will help you to save a lot of counter space and avoid crowding your kitchen.

Cooking Capacity:

This is the most crucial factor you need to consider before you make the purchase. The microwave should provide a decent cooking capacity. There are some stainless steel microwaves which look big but provides a small internal space for cooking. You need to avoid these appliances. Choose a compact device with good cooking capacity.


This function is very important. When you purchase a convection microwave, it helps you to heat up the food faster and cook it evenly. There is a fan in the microwave which circulates the hot air in the device, thereby cooking the food from all sides.


You need to check the power level of the device as well. Make sure it is a high-wattage microwave. It will help you to cook food quickly at a high temperature. It will help you in baking as it needs high power.


Most modern microwaves come with this feature. There are sensors in the device which automatically detects when the food is ready. It adjusts the temperature and timer in the device. When the food is ready, it will auto-shutoff to save power and prevent overcooking.

LCD Control Panel:

Make sure there is an LCD control panel on the device. It will help you to check the cooking function, temperature as well as the time. Check the controls given on the panel. It should have all the necessary buttons for usage.

Interior Lights:

Purchase a stainless steel microwave with interior lights. It will help you to see the food while it is being cooked. You can check the food is being cooked properly.

Energy Efficiency:

If you want to save power, choose an energy-efficient microwave. It will help you to conserve energy and save on power bills.


The microwave comes with various accessories like oven mittens, cooking rack, cooking tray, baking tray, stand, grill plate, etc. You need to choose an appliance which comes with lots of accessories.

These are some of the factors you need to consider while choosing a stainless steel microwave oven. It will help you to make a better choice.

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