How to Air Fry Bacon


Out of all the recipes you can try in an air fryer, the easiest one is bacon. If you have this appliance at your home, you need to make bacon in it.

It is one of the simplest and easiest things you can cook. Bacon makes your breakfast all the better. Everybody loves to munch on crispy bacon strips while enjoy eggs and coffee in the morning.

So if you want to surprise your loved ones with a perfect English breakfast, you must cook bacon in an air fryer. 

How to air fry bacon

Why Air Fry Bacon?

Majority of the people use a frying pan or toaster oven for cooking bacon. However, if you want evenly cooked strips of bacon in lesser time, you need to use an air fryer. There are many advantages to cooking bacon in the air fryer.

Even Cooking:

Frying bacon is an art. You need to be patient while frying bacon and use the right temperature to do it. Most of the people fail to cook bacon evenly due to improper cooking method. With an air fryer, you can evenly cook bacon as the temperature remains even and the fan evenly spread hot air in the basket. All the pieces will be perfectly cooked without any burnt edges. The bacon will be crispy in the middle as well.

Faster Cooking:

You can easily cook bacon is less time with the help of an air fryer. This appliance is known for cooking food at a faster speed. You will need only 5 to 10 minutes to fry the bacon.

Ease to Use:

Air fryers make cooking easier for you. Unlike the traditional method of frying bacon, you don’t need to stand near the stove and flip the strips and cook them. All you need to do is place the bacon strips in the basket and let it cook on its own.

No Mess:

When you cook bacon in a frying pan, it creates a lot of mess. Bacon splatters the oil in the pan and spoils the kitchen counter, walls and the utensils on the counter. You need to clean all the things after cooking. But with an air fryer, there is no room for oil splatters. You can easily use a paper towel to clean the basket.

Crispy and Healthy:

Air fryer helps you to cook crisp and healthy bacon. You don’t need to add oil to fry the bacon. On top of that, the fat in the bacon melts at high temperature and drips in the basket. This makes bacon healthy and safe to eat for health-conscious folks.

Steps to Air Fry Bacon:

If you don’t know how to air fry bacon we can help you. Follow the steps of this recipe to perfectly cook bacon at home with your air fryer.

Step 1: Purchase Bacon

The main ingredient you need while frying bacon is bacon itself. So if you don’t have any bacon strips in your fridge, you can purchase it from the store. Bacon is available in different sizes, so make sure you purchase it as per the size of the fryer basket.

Step 2: Cut slices of bacon

There are some people who purchase the entire meat for bacon instead of strips. So if you have the meat, you need to cut slices of bacon. If you have large size bacon strips, you can cut it in half so that it can easily fit in the fryer basket.

Step 3: Prepare Air Fryer

Once the bacon is ready, you need to prepare the air fryer. Make sure the air fryer and the basket is clean. If it is not clean, you need to clean it first. Once it is done, connect the power plug in the switch and turn on the device. You also need to use the power button given on the air fryer to switch it on.

Step 4: Preheat Air Fryer

Before you place the slices of bacon in the basket, you need to preheat the air fryer. It will help you to cook bacon easily and in lesser time. You need to set the temperature of the fryer around 350° F for 3 minutes. This is the ideal preheating temperature.

Step 5: Smoke Control

This is a precautionary step you need to take to minimize smoke while cooking bacon. When you cook bacon, the fats melt at a higher temperature which causes a lot of smoke to appear. Even when you air fry the bacon, there is a little amount of smoke. If you want to prevent it, here are some things you can do. 

Water: This is the most common solution. You need to add a bit of water at the bottom to avoid smoke. 

Foil: You can also keep a foil at the bottom. If you want to collect the melted fat instead of throwing it away, then use this method. 

Bread: You can also keep some pieces of bread at the bottom. This way, the bread will soak up the fat and avoid smoke.

Step 6: Place the Bacon Strips in Air Fryer Basket

Once the fryer is preheated, you need to remove the basket and place the bacon strips on it. Keep the bacon is layers. As the pieces are less thick, you can overlap them. Make sure you don’t completely place the bacon strips on top of each other. It should be like layers or waves. 

Step 7: Set Temperature and Timer

Now, you need to set the temperature for air frying the bacon. Set the device at 400° F for the 10 minutes. You don’t need to flip the bacon or check it in between. 

Step 8: Adjust the Timer

When you cook thick bacon slices, it might take more time. If the bacon is not cooked in 10 minutes, cook it for more 5 minutes.

Step 9: Remove the Slices and Serve

Once the bacon slices re ready, you need to open the basket and remove it in a plate with the help of tongs. You can use a paper towel to drain the excess of fat and then start eating it with eggs.

These are the simple steps you need to follow to air fry bacon. You will get crispy and evenly cooked bacon in 10 minutes with an air fryer.


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