How Often To Replace Your Robot Vacuum Brushes


A vacuum cleaner consists of different parts. There are some parts which need replacement from time to time.

One such part is the vacuum roller brush. A brush plays a crucial role in cleaning different floor surfaces. 

All types of vacuum cleaners come with brushes. In traditional vacuum cleaner, the brush is located at the cleaning head when you use a vacuum cleaner, the brush rolls and spins to move dust and debris from carpet and floors. 

Most of the dust and debris settle on the floor surface. The brush rolls at high speed to loosen it, and then the vacuum sucks it up. It helps to clean the house thoroughly.

In a robot vacuum, the brush is located at the bottom. In most of the robot vacuums, there are two types of brushes, i.e. main roller brush and side brush.

You need to clean and replace these brushes from time to time to keep the vacuum functioning. If you don’t know how often to replace the brush or how to do it, we can help you. Follow this guide to learn more about robot vacuum brushes and replacement.

How Often To Replace Your Robot Vacuum Brushes 2021

What Is Robot Vacuum Brush and How Does It Work?

In robot vacuum cleaners, there are two brushes at the bottom. These are the main brushes which help you to clean the house.

It is connected to a motor which helps it to roll when the vacuum in on. All robot vacuums come with brushes. It is a very important part of a vacuum cleaner.

Without a brush, you will not be able to clean the house thoroughly. It helps you to loosen all the dust and debris and pet hair from the floor. 

Most of the time, the dust and hair settles deep in the carpet or gets stuck to the hardwood floor. This brush helps to push away the dust and debris.

There is a strong bristle brush which helps to dislodge dust and pet hair from carpet. Apart from that, there is a soft brush which helps to push away the dust from the hardwood floor.

It rolls with a motor’s help and pushes away the dust and debris that is then sucked up by the cleaner. It helps you to remove even the smallest particle of dust from the floor.

Types of Robot Vacuum Brushes:

There are two types of brushes in a robot vacuum. There are two main brushes and two side brushes. Each one plays an important role in cleaning the house.

  • Main Brushes: There are two long cylindrical shape main brushes at the bottom of the robot vacuum. One brush has strong bristles while the other is soft. This brushes rolls to clean the floor surface.
  • Side Brushes: Apart from the main brushes, there are side brushes as well. While some vacuums have two side brushes, others have four brushes. It is a small brush on the side of the vacuum.

When to Replace the Brushes?

You don’t have to replace all the brushes in a robot vacuum. As the main rushes go through wear and tear, you only need to replace the two main brushes.

You need to clean these brushes every week. If you have pets at home, then you need to clean the brushes two times a week.

However, apart from cleaning the brushes, you also need to replace it. You need to replace the brushes after every 6 to 12 months. It depends on the condition of the brush. 

If the brush is in a relay bad condition, you need to replace it within six months. However, if there are less wear and tear, you can replace it after 12 months. 

As for side brushes, you don’t need to replace it at all as it doesn’t go through much wear and tear. However, it would help if you cleaned it every month.

How to Clean the Brushes?

If you constantly clean your brushes, you don’t have to replace them soon. When you leave the brush dirty, it will need a quick replacement. So follow these steps to clean the main brushes in a robot vacuum.

Step 1: Turn Off Charging

The first thing you need to do is turn off the charging. It will help you to stay safe while cleaning the brushes.

Step 2: Keep It Upside Down

Now, you need to turn over the vacuum and keep it upside down on the floor surface. Keep it flat on a plain surface.

Step 3: Lift the Brush Latch

In this step, you need to locate the brush at the bottom. After that, you need to lift the latch. To do this, you need to press the button and then lift it.

Step 4: Remove Brushes

After that, you need to remove both the brushes from the vacuum. First, remove the bigger brush and then the smaller brush.

Step 5: Remove Caps and Clean

Now, you need to remove the brush caps which are on the side of the brush. After that, you need to clean the brush caps as well as the side. Remove all the hair from it. After that, you need to clean the brush with a comb to remove all the hair and debris.

Step 6: Reinstall

Once the brushes are clean, you need to put the caps back on and reinstall it in the device.

How to Replace the Brushes?

If you want to replace the main brushes in your robot vacuum, follow these steps.

Step 1: Purchase New Brushes

You need to purchase a new set of brush from the official website of the vacuum cleaner.

Step 2: Remove Old Brush

After that, you need to remove the old brushes. You need to remove it from charge, turn it over and open lift the latch to remove the brush. After that, remove both the brushes and clean it.

Step 3: Install New Brushes

Once you remove the old brushes, you need to clean the place where the brushes were installed. After that, you need to fix the new brushes in the same place.

These are the steps you need to follow to replace your robot vacuum brushes. Make sure you replace it every 6 to 12 months to enjoy the vacuum’s full cleaning potential.


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