How Do Bread Machines Work

Bread has become a very important part of world cuisine.

No matter where you live, you will always find bread in stores and shops. People eat bread in breakfast, lunch, evening snacks as well as dinner.

However, nothing compares to freshly baked bread. The bread we purchase from local food stores is not really fresh.

Because of this reason some people prefer making bread at home, you can use different types of kitchen appliances like oven, microwave, toaster oven, etc. In order to make bread in all these appliances, you have to prepare the dough manually.

But if you are too lazy to do it, we have another alternative for you. You can use break machines or bread maker to prepare the dough as well as make the bread.

It is one of the greatest inventions for bread lovers. You can make different types of bread with this machine.

What is a Bread Machine?

This machine is also known as a bread maker. You can use it to automatically make bread by adding various ingredients. It will turn the ingredients into freshly made bread. 

It is a simple and compact machine with a tin called bread pan. You have to add all the ingredients in this pan and use the control panel for baking bread.

You can use it to make different types of bread. It will help you to make whole grain bread, multi-grain bread, white bread, and garlic bread as well as pizza dough. 

How Do Bread Machines Work?

Now that you know what a bread machine is, you might wonder how exactly it works to convert raw flour into bread.

This machine is compact, but it has various components which work together to make bread. In order to understand how it works, you need to know the components of this machine.

Here are the components of the bread-making machine.

  • Baking Tin: This is the main part of a bread machine. When you open the top lid, you will find a stainless steel tin. It is the largest part of the machine. You have to add all the ingredients in this tin. It is the place where the dough is made, and the bread is baked. It is removable so that you can easily add the ingredients as well as clean it.
  • Kneading Paddle: It is one of the smallest parts of the machine. This paddle helps the machine to knead the dough so that it can get proper form. It is detachable. You can remove it to clean the tin. This part fits in the centre of the tin. You have to click it in an axle. It connects to a motor which helps the paddle to spin. It has a waterproof seal so that the ingredients and water don’t leak out of the tin.
  • Motorized Axle: At the bottom of the machine, there is a motorized axle. It spins so that the machine can make dough from the flour. There is a hole in the centre where the tin fits into the axle and connect it with the paddle. This axle moves the paddle in the tin.
  • Recessed Groove: It is the part just outside the baking tin. When you close the top lid, it fits perfectly into this groove so that the machine remains locked. You need to put some force to open the lid as it closes on the groove. It keeps the lid closed in place.
  • Top Lid: This is the lid which closes the machine. You need to put the baking tin in the machine and close this lid before you start the process. It is foldable so you cannot remove it completely. 
  • Exhaust Vent: At the side of the lid there is an exhaust vent which helps to remove the excess of hot air and moisture from the machine.
  • Tin Cover: At the bottom side of the lid, there is a cover. It is integrated into the lid so you cannot remove it. It covers the baking tin when you close the lid.
  • Exhaust Port: This port is located in the space where the tin fits. It helps to remove the steam from the tin via the exhaust vent in the lid.
  • Air Vent: This vent is located at the side of the machine. It allows air to flow into the tin so that dough can turn into bread.
  • Power Plug: There is a power plug which is connected to the machine via a power cable. You need to insert it in the switch to power the machine.
  • Plastic Outer Case: It is the outer case of the machine. As it is made from plastic, you can easily touch the machine without getting burned.
  • LCD Display: It is the control panel where you can see the timing and other information. All the controls are given on the display panel.

Working of the Machine:

In order to make the machine work, you need to connect it to the power switch and remove the baking tin. After that, you need to connect the kneading paddle with the tin. You also need to add all the ingredients in the tin in perfect measure.

Once it is done, you need to put the tin back, close the lid and set the temperature and choose the appropriate function. After that, the machine will work by following all these functions. 

  • Mixing: The kneading paddle will mix all the ingredients in the tin with the help of the motor.
  • Kneading: After that, the paddle will start kneading the dough in the tin.
  • Rising: Now, the baking tin will warm a bit so that the dough can rise with the help of the yeast. It will use the outside air from the air vent to raise the dough.
  • Baking: The baking tin will work as an oven to bake the bread. It uses heating elements from the machine which turn electricity into heat. As space is less, the tin will heat evenly, thereby baking fresh bread. Excess of air will leave the tin from the vent on the top.

This is how bread making machines work to prepare dough as well as bake bread. It is a perfect kitchen appliance for bread lovers.

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