Does a Robot Vacuum Clean Up Liquids

Does a Robot Vacuum Clean Up Liquids

Robot vacuums have made our life easier. You can schedule a cleaning time and let the vacuum do the cleaning on its own. 

You don’t need to be present at home for cleaning the house. However, there are certain things you need to avoid when using a robot vacuum.

You cannot use this device to clean hard surfaces of water. Ordinary robot vacuums are not designed for that purpose.

If you try anyone these things, the device will stop working. However, there have been many such cases. 

People leave their vacuums to clean the house while the pets sill water on the floor. It is not only bad for your vacuum but also dangerous. You need to use virtual wall settings to keep your robot vacuum away from your pet’s water bowl.

Does a Robot Vacuum Clean Up Liquids
Does a Robot Vacuum Clean Up Liquids

Can Your Robot Vacuum Clean Up Liquids?

The most frustrating thing in the world is cleaning up spilt water or spilt coffee. If you don’t clean it, it will leave a stain on your carpet.

It is not only messy but time-consuming. To make the cleaning task more manageable, many people try to clean the liquid mess with the help of their robot vacuum.

However, you need never clean any liquid with your robot vacuum cleaner. This device is designed to suck up only dust and dirt.

If you use it to clean liquids, it will either get damaged to stop working altogether. On top of that, it can be pretty dangerous as well. So it would help if you avoided it at all cost.

What Will Happen If You Try To Clean Liquids With Your Robot Vacuum?

Ordinary or regular vacuum cleaners are not made for cleaning up liquids. So if you are using a standard robot vacuum that is only meant to clean dust, debris and pet hair, you should never clean fluid with it.

If you use it to clean liquid, there will be severe consequences. Here are some terrible things that can happen if you clean liquid with it.

  • Electric Current: Robot vacuum cleaner works on the electric battery. So when you use it to clean water, it might go near the battery, leading to electric current. You might get electrocuted if you come in contact with it. It can also harm your pets.
  • Short Circuit: If you clean liquid with your robot vacuum and immediately charge it, it can cause a short circuit as well. The charging dock, as well as the vacuum, might stop working.
  • Breakdown: The vacuum might also breakdown if water enters inside. It can damage the motor and the filter. Your vacuum will break down and stop working if you use it to clear liquids.
  • Wet Mess: Apart from that, you have to deal with a wet mess when you try to empty the dustbin. The liquid will mix with all the dust and debris thereby creating a wet mess in the process.

What to Do If Robot Vacuum Accidently Comes In Contact With Water?

Sometimes, your robot vacuum might accidentally come in contact with water. It mostly happens when you leave your pet’s water bowl on the floor and forget to create virtual walls.

However, if you notice that your robot vacuum has sucked up some water or liquid from the floor, follow these steps. If you immediately follow these steps, it will save your vacuum from damage.

Step 1: Power Off

The first thing you need to do is power off the device. If there is a power button in the device, you need to turn off the power immediately.

Step 2: Remove Bin and Clean It

After that, you need to remove the bin. In some vacuums, the bin is at the bottom while it is at the top in the middle. You need to press the release button and remove the bin. After that, you need to empty it and clean the interior. You can wash it with warm water if there is a liquid mess in the bin. However, don’t forget to dry it thoroughly.

Step 3: Remove and Dry Filter

After removing the bin, you need to remove the filter immediately. In most of the vacuums, the air filter is located in the bin. Make sure you remove the filter before you clean the bin with water. You cannot clean the filter with water, so you need to use a dry cloth to remove all the wt mess. Make sure you dry the filter thoroughly.

Step 4: Remove Brushes

In this step, you need to remove the brushes from the vacuum. There are two brushes, and both are located at the bottom. You need to remove the brushes from the vacuum and use a dry cloth to clean it. 

Step 5: Reinstall All Parts

After you clean and dry all the parts of the vacuum, you need to reinstall it. After that, you can check if the vacuum is functions or not.

How Can You Clean Up Liquids With Vacuum?

If you want to clean liquids with vacuum, you need to use a meant for it. There are many vacuums which can help you to suck up liquids from the floor.

Shop Vacuum: 

It is a commercial vacuum which you can use for cleaning shops. It is also known as a dry/wet vacuum. You can use it to clean dirty surface as well as messy liquids from the floor. Most of the shop owners use this type of vacuum to deep clean the shops. It is specially designed for mopping the floor as well.

Robot Mop: 

You can also use a robot mop to clean wet floors. These are robot vacuum cleaners, but you use it to clean dry dirt and dust as well as mop the floor. For example, if there is a sticky mess on the floor, you can use this device to clean the mess. However, it would help if you cleaned it regularly to avoid any damage.

A normal robot vacuum cleaner is not designed for cleaning liquids from the floor. So you need to avoid using it for that purpose.

Does a Robot Vacuum Clean Up Liquids

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