Difference between Robot Vacuum and Traditional Vacuum

Difference between Robot Vacuum and Traditional Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners have become a necessity in every household. It is not possible to remove dust and debris by simply sweeping and mopping the floor.

If you want to clean the house thoroughly, then you must invest in a vacuum cleaner. It is a specially designed cleaning appliance that helps clean 99.97% of dust and pollens from your house.

There are many different types of cleaning devices available in the market. If you want to get rid of pet hair, you need to use an animal vacuum.

Similarly, there are many other types of vacuums. You can choose the device as per the floor type. If you mostly clean hardwood floors, then use a vacuum which is best for hardwood floors.

Earlier there was an only upright vacuum cleaner. It was bulky, heavy and wired. But now, you will find all the latest designs and models in vacuums.

There are cordless vacuums which work on battery. You can easily clean every part of the house with these devices. They are lightweight and portable. Then you have stick vacuum which looks like a stick. There is a handheld vacuum as well. Out of all the types, the latest model is a robot vacuum. It is an automatic vacuum which helps you to clean the house.

Because of all these reasons, it becomes difficult to choose when it comes to purchasing a vacuum for your house. So we are going to state the differences between robot and traditional vacuum cleaner. It will help you to make a comparison and choose the best one.

Difference between Robot Vacuum and Traditional Vacuum 2021
Difference between Robot Vacuum and Traditional Vacuum

What is a Traditional Vacuum?

It is a common vacuum cleaner which you will find in every household. Traditional vacuums run on electricity. You have to connect the power cord to a switch to clean the house. There is a wand, handle and a huge cleaning head. This type of vacuum has a strong motor with high suction power. When it comes to cleaning no one can beat traditional vacuums. There are many variations in this device. You will find canister, stick cyclone as well as backpack vacuums. 

Advantages of Traditional Vacuum:

Here are the advantages of using traditional vacuums to clean the house.

  • Powerful: The biggest advantage of using a traditional vacuum is that it is very powerful. Instead of working on battery, these vacuums work on electric current. It gives the vacuum more power to clean the house. This device is perfect for deep and heavy cleaning. 
  • Cheaper: Compared to the robot vacuum, this one is cheaper. Most of the traditional vacuums can be purchased within a $100 budget. However, you need to shell out twice or thrice the money to purchase a robot vacuum.
  • Durable: It is durable and has a longer life span. These vacuums can easily last for more than ten years. 
  • Variations: You will get different types and models in traditional vacuums. There are various options to choose from.

Disadvantages of Traditional Vacuum:

Here are the disadvantages of using traditional vacuum cleaners. 

  • Huge and Bulky: This type of vacuum cleaner is huge and bulky. They are wired and heavy. You need more storage space to keep this device in your home.
  • Difficult to Use: The heavyweight and power cord makes it difficult to use. You need to carry it from one place to another and change the power cord again and again. All these things make it difficult to use.

What is a Robot Vacuum?

This is the latest type of vacuum cleaner. As the name goes, it is a robot which helps you to clean the house. It is a small and compact disk shape cleaner which can reach each and every corner of your house. It works on battery. There are no wires in this device which increases the mobility. Unlike traditional vacuums, you don’t need to hold it or manually move it from one place to another.

You can use remote to control it. You can relax on the sofa and clean the house with this robotic cleaner by operating it from a remote. There is some modern robot cleaner which doesn’t even need remote. These devices can automatically the cleaning surface and work to clean the house. You can turn on the cleaner and leave it to clean the house while going grocery shopping or doing any other chores. It is very simple and easy to use.

Advantages of Using a Robot Vacuum:

Here are the advantages of using a robot vacuum to clean the house.

  • Easy to Use: It is very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is fully charge the device, switch it on and let it clean the house on its own.
  • Scheduled Cleaning: It is a programmable vacuum. You can set the cleaning schedule and leave it. This device will run at a specific time as per the schedule.
  • Spot Cleaning: If there is a dirty spot in your house, you can choose the spot cleaning setting in the device. This way, the device will only clean the dirty area.
  • Works as a Mop: There are some robot vacuums which work as a mop as well. You can use a single device to clean the house as well as mop it.
  • Reaches Everywhere: This device is small and compact, which makes it easy to reach everywhere. It can reach under the bed, closet or any other thigh spaces in the house.

Disadvantages of Using a Robot Vacuum:

Here are the disadvantages of using a robot vacuum.

  • Noisy: This vacuum can be loud. Although it doesn’t make much noise, it takes more time to clean because of which the continuous noise becomes annoying.
  • Expensive: It is expensive compared to traditional vacuums. You have to pay nearly $200 to $300 for this device.
  • Less Power: As it works on a small battery, it is not as powerful as a traditional device. You have to use another vacuum for deep cleaning the house once in a while.
  • Empty Frequently: The dust container in the device is very small. It gets full very quickly, so you need to empty it again and again.
  • Objects Get Stuck: In order to use this device, you need to pick up all the objects from the floor. If you leave socks or pet food on the floor, it will get stuck in the device.

These are the differences between robot and traditional vacuums. You can compare the advantages and disadvantages of both the devices to make the right choice. 

Difference between Robot Vacuum and Traditional Vacuum

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