Difference between Propane and Electric Smokers

Difference between Propane and Electric Smokers

Everybody loves to eat smoky food!

While some people use the grill for cooking barbeque, others use smokers. Both the method helps you to cook perfectly delicious food, but one is better than the other.

Grill helps you to cook food at high temperature in a short span of time, but smokers take more time and cook the food at a low temperature.

Because of this reason, the food gets amazing smoky flavour and aroma. Most people prefer using smokers instead of the grill.

A smoker is a slow cooking appliance. It uses a low temperature and helps you to cook barbeque. There is a lid which closes and traps the food in a smoky environment to make it taste better.

Like grill, there are different types of smoker available in the market. There are traditional smokers who work on wood and charcoal, and then there are modern smokers who work on propane gas and electricity.

When it comes to choosing a perfect type of smoker, people always get confused between propane and electric smokers. While both these appliances have some similarities, they are quite different from one another.

If you can’t make up your mind on choosing between the two, we can help you. Follow this guide to know the difference between propane and electric smokers.

Difference between Propane and Electric Smokers 2021
Difference between Propane and Electric Smokers

What is a Propane Smoker?

It is a gas smoker who works on propane gas. This appliance is connected to a 10kg propane tank. You can also purchase a gas smoker with a direct connection from your stovetop line. It comes with a knob on the top. You can use it to control the amount of gas and temperature. It is portable and easy to use. In terms of design, there are gas burners at the bottom which heats up the smoker. You can add wood chips on top to get a smoky flavour. There are some types of propane smokers who come with a water bowl. You can fill it to get a bit of moisture in the food while cooking.

Advantages of Propane Smokers:

Here are the advantages of using propane gas smokers to cook food.

  • Deep Flavor: Compared to electric smokers, these ones are known for cooking tasty food. Propane smokers give deep taste to the food like a traditional smoker.
  • Affordable: These smokers are affordable. You can easily purchase a cheaper propane smoker in the market.
  • Portable: It is extremely portable. You can easily load it in the back of your car and take it with you for picnics.
  • Cheap Tank: Propane tank is easily available in the market. The cost to refill the tank is pretty cheap as well.
  • Simple Design: This smoker has a simple design. All the functions are easy to use.

Disadvantages of Propane Smoker:

Here are the disadvantages of using propane smoker to cook food.

  • Not Good in Wind: It is not insulated, which makes it difficult to use during weather conditions. It is not good for windy weather. 
  • Becomes Too Hot: If you are using a cheap smoker, it can get pretty hot, which might burn the food.
  • Refilling: You have to constantly refill the tank, which becomes a hassle.

What is an Electric Smoker?

It is the latest type of smoker which works on electricity. There are heating elements in the smoker which heats up when electricity passes through it.

Because of this reason, electric smoker takes time to get hot. You have to wait for some time as the smoker heats gradually. It comes with a tray where you need to add wood chips. It gives smoky taste to the food.

Like propane smoker, it comes with a water pan. You need to add some water to it to provide moisture to the food. It is pretty easy to use, as all the controls are in your hand.

Advantages of Electric Smoker:

Here are the advantages of using an electric smoker to cook food.

  • Easy to Use: It is easier to cook food in an electric smoker. You can control the temperature and leave the food to cook. 
  • Temperature Control: You can easily control the temperature in an electric smoker. You can set a precise temperature for cooking food.
  • Safe to Use: Unlike traditional and gas smoker, it is very safe to use. There are many people who use it in apartments as well.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: You can easily connect this appliance with your Bluetooth for monitoring the food.
  • Affordable: Small electric smokers are affordable. If you cannot afford a bigger one, you can use a smaller appliance.
  • Cold Smoking: As it can easily reach a very low temperature, you can use it for cold smoking as well.

Disadvantages of Electric Smoker:

Here are the disadvantages of using an electric smoker to cook food.

  • Constant power Needed: In order to use this appliance, you need constant electric power. This makes it less portable.
  • Less Smoky Flavor: Compared to traditional and propane smoker, it is not able to make the food smokier. 
  • Not Durable: It is not really durable as electric parts may easily breakdown.
  • Not for Bad Weather: It is not meant for rainy and cold weather. Power outages render it useless.

Comparing Propane and Electric Smokers:

Now that you know the differences let’s see which one is perfect for you. 

  • Taste: It terms of taste, both the appliances help you to cook tasty food, but propane makes the food smokier. So if you need a better taste, go with a propane smoker.
  • Weather Conditions: Both smokers are not good for windy and rainy weather. However, you can still manage to use electric smoker in windy if there is no rain.
  • Price: Propane smoker is cheaper compared to an electric smoker. You can easily purchase a propane smoker for a couple of dollars.
  • Ease of Use: Electric smoker is easier to use as all the controls are precise and accurate.
  • Easy to Clean: Electric smokers are easy to clean as you don’t have to deal with the tank and the burners.

These are the differences between propane and electric smokers. You can compare both the appliances and choose the one which is perfect for you. 

Difference between Propane and Electric Smokers

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