Can you sous vide without a machine?


The name of this cooking technique seems professional and complicated. You would be thinking about two men standing in a lab more like a kitchen just as breaking bad. Well, if you are not aware of sous vide, then you are missing something big. There are various methods of cooking food which can be practised.

When it comes actually to do it, this cooking method becomes complicated. You would have heard about the name “Sous vide” in costly hotels and restaurants. 

This method of cooking isn’t a big deal as it seems. There are various techniques for preparing food by the Sous vide technique.

 Here, you must know that cooking food’s sour vide technique is quite technical if you do not learn the basics. Here, you must know the basics properly and how to deal with Sous vide. Looking at the current procedure, you will find it relatively easy. This is because the data which is available on the web makes it look easy. 

A question arises: what is “Sous vide” in detail? Well, if you are really keen to get to the core of it, then this article is for you. There isn’t a big deal with sous vide when a machine is present. The sous vide machine is not a causal appliance to purchase. Here, you must know the real meaning of “sous vide” in detail.

Can you sous vide without a machine?

What is Sous Vide?

It is a cooking procedure where the food is packed in an airtight vacuum bag and sealed inside the airtight container. The origin of this process of cooking in France, where Sous vide means “under pressure”. As the name suggests, the cooking procedure is directed towards eating the food inside the airtight plastic bag. The plastic bag is kept inside a vacuum container where the water is filled and controlled. 

You will be surprised to know that there will be no contact with the hot container nor with the flames at all. Yes, you heard it right, no fire will be used to cook this food directly. Instead, the hot boiling water will uniquely cook your food. Due to no contact with flames or the hot container, the time taken might be more. The water will never enter the sealed airtight bag or even overflow.

This was all about sous vide introduction in detail. Now a question arises: is it necessary for you to use a machine compulsorily? Well, there are several answers to this question.

But, right now, there aren’t many options when you eliminate the use of sous vide machines. You can still perform this cooking method to cook meat, steak etc. But, the proper procedure is required to be followed by you. 

Sous vide without a machine

To cook food according to the Sous vide technique, you have to follow specific steps in order. This method of cooking food is quite complex when the basics are not clear to you. To get the basics right, you should know about this technique and how it should be performed. When you have a machine with you, it becomes easier for you to accomplish this cooking method. 

On the other side, you cannot just start cooking any food with this method. If you do not have a machine with you right now, you have to follow specific steps in order. Therefore, we highly recommend you take a look at the following steps to perform it accurately. 

1.      Water Bath

● We are trying to cook food with the sous vide technique without a machine. In this case, it is quite evident that the container will not be available to you. Now, you have to find yourself or a container to perform this sous vide method.

● For this, you can use a boiler or any container which does not have any holes in it. You must avoid using rusted metal or even weak metal for this procedure. Fill the container with water and leave some space to dip the food covered with a tight plastic. 

2.      Check and control the temperature

● In order to perform this method of cooking food, you must keep the temperature in control. By control, we mean that you should keep an eye on the temperature of the water. You can do this by the thermometer to this total procedure. 

● You can enter any other device that will help me track the boiling water’s accurate temperature. By controlling the boiling water temperature, you can expect the food to get prepared in the estimated time. You can also cook different types of food items inside the vessel. 

3.      Turn on to heat the water

● You are supposed to turn on the heating source to get the water temperature up. The procedure is to be followed in order to practice this method of cooking food without the machine. The pattern is slow, medium then high, which is a standard procedure to follow. 

● We do not want you to live in a world of misinformation because it spoils your food. You must keep on steering the water to get the process done quickly. We recommend you to check the temperature needed to cook a particular type of food. 

4.      Pack the airtight bag and cook

● Once the water is brought to a higher level than required, pack the airtight bag with its food. You can add the additional stuff for taste and salt. Usually, herbs and other things are added with steak, which is to be cooked. 

● Now, dip the bag inside the container and control the temperature. You have to bring down the temperature and increase it according to your need. The temperature must be selected according to the food you are cooking. 

Now, you are ready to go once the food is cooked. Take out the bag of the container and serve the food. You are free to add additionals according to your taste and preference. Now, your food is ready with a marvellous taste and delightful aromatic vibe. 

We hope that this article will provide you with the necessary information needed. 


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