What Is The Best Type Of Coffee Machine?


The best types of coffee machines have widely been up for debate. None have been qualified to answer the important question: what kind of coffee machine is best? I am a facilities and lifestyle manager of a national law firm in the united states which means that I am responsible for the amenities which lawyers use to make their lunches, serve clients beverages and everything else.

You are probably looking to buy a coffee machine that you can use daily and that falls within your budget. Forget about the hassle of cleaning multiple pieces and utensils after every cup of coffee because those days are over. I have selected the best types of coffee machines that you can rely on to make your coffee drinking, and your day that much easier.

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What makes a good coffee machine?

The best type of coffee machine is one which is reliable, easy to clean and easy to use. Therefore, I chose automatic coffee machine, stove top coffee maker and handpress / frenchpress as the best types of coffee machines.

Typically speaking a high-quality coffee machine would be composed of chrome-stainless steel alloy materials, especially those pieces and utensils which have contact with hot water and coffee. This is to ensure that the metal is not stained over time.

Along with high quality components, the coffee machine should be functional. This means that the coffee machine must produce coffee without much effort at all. Many people confuse “features” with functionality when it comes to coffee machines and find themselves quickly resenting their purchase.

These are the best types of coffee machines

Automatic coffee machines deliver a predictable yield of coffee in proportion to the coffee grinds you are using. Simply add water to the tank, fill the filter with a blend of your choice and press start. The automatic coffee machine will do the rest. This is why I believe that automatic coffee machines are the best type of coffee machine for you to use.

Stove top coffee makers develop a quality brew of coffee. Simply fill it up with water and coffee and boil until it whistles. It’s known anecdotally as the Turkish brewing method. It’s easy to clean and can make a coffee in minutes without needing to be supervised.

Handpress or Frenchpress is best enjoyed with expensive blends of your favorite beans. Simply put your coffee grinds into the press and add hot water into the upper portion of the press and press down as slowly as you can. You may event want to do multiple presses for one batch to make sure that you get the richness that you are after.

Best types of coffee machines

Features to look for in the best types of coffee machines


  • All types of coffee machines should be easy to use and intuitive. The only reason to consult the manual or instructions on these machines should be to troubleshoot or when learning how to clean it.
  • There shouldn’t be any tricks or nuances that are required to learn how to use any type of coffee machine.
  • Any type of coffee machine should so easy to use that you will have no objections when a house guest requests to use it.


  • Always choose a coffee machine with a 3-year warranty of a minimum in case there are any issues such as a missing part in the box or something breaks unexpectantly.
  • Warranty is indicative of the product quality. In my opinion a long warranty is indicative of the quality of the type of coffee machine.


  • What’s it like using the first time?
  • What’s it like to configure?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • These kinds of questions will help you decide whether or not the product is too clean for you.

Yield Predictability

  • After three uses of your coffee machine, you should be able to predict how much coffee grind you need to get your expected amount of coffee.
  • Over time you will be able to predict which machines will give you more coffee, it depends on the machine individually.

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