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Vacuum cleaners have made life easier. These appliances are extremely beneficial for those who live in bigger houses or for those who have less time on their hands for cleaning. Today you will find a number of vac brands in the market. Of all the different brands Dyson is a name that is often associated with quality vacuums. These are the best affordable dyson vacuum if you are looking for a cheap dyson vacuum.

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Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson happens to be one of the most popular names in the world of vacuum cleaners. A functional design, its durable and efficient features are what makes it a favourite brand. Dyson has designed many models of vacs that attend to every cleaning needs. Whether you have pets, or have hardwood floors, there is a design for everyone.

Dyson vacuums are bag-free. So users can clean allergens, big and small debris, hair and dust without having to continuously change the dust bags. Dyson is a favourite among pet owners who love their pets but not so much in love with the fur that they shed all over the place.

Uniqueness of Dyson Vacuums

Dyson vacs are bag-less. It uses a technology known as Root Cyclone Technology. Using this the vacuum sucks in the dusty air and channels it through the cones located on top of the cleaner’s dust canister. When the air circulates inside the cone it creates a centrifugal force which tosses the dust and debris into the surrounding dirt bin.

What are the different types of Dyson Vacuums?

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Dyson leaves no stones unturned. To cater to individual customer needs Dyson keeps on coming up with different models of vacuum cleaners; each one of them designed with refined Root Cyclone Technology. The types include:

1. Canister Model Vacuums

Canister models includes 2 sets of cyclones to capture even the minutest particles. It features easy movement and a powerful suction. The cleaner operates around the movement of a ball structure. The canister vacuum cleaners from Dyson are best suited for cleaning small spaces and bare floors. 

2. Cordless Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

As the name suggests there is no cord. You will have to charge them. The cordless feature makes it easy to store. The cleaner is powered by Li-ion batteries. It has an increased suction power which does not fade away while it’s working. The cordless models also feature a wide range of accessories and tools including bins that collect the debris. The cordless options are best for those of you who have large spaces but small cleaning time. 

3. Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The upright vacuum cleaners from Dyson are available in three sizes – compact, mid-size and full size. Depending on the amount of cleaning that your space needs you can choose the size. Each vacuums move on a ball instead of the traditional wheels. This makes manoeuvring much easier especially if you are working on hardwood floors. Other features in the upright model include washable lifetime filters, detachable hose and wand and hygienic dust bins. These models are best for deep cleaning rugs and carpets and are suitable for bigger spaces. 

4. Handheld Dyson Vacuum models

You can use Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners to clear small surface areas. It features a boost mode of six minutes and a 20 minutes suction. The machine dons the natural shape of a human hand. The Dyson digital motor offers a suction which is three times more than that offered by ordinary motors found in traditional vacs. This type of vacuum is perfect for a quick cleaning of a smaller space like the interior of a vehicle.

The Multi-floor version or the Dyson Animal: Which one should you buy?

Dyson vacuums have two versions– the animal and the multi-floor. Some retailers offer Total Clean models which include an additional set of accessories to address specific cleaning needs. These tend to be very expensive also. So what’s the difference between the two versions? The key difference is that the Animal version features a tangle-free pet tool.

This tool prevents all kinds of hair and fur from getting tangled. You don’t have to manually pull out the hairs. If you don’t want to spend extra on this accessory we feel that a multi-floor version will offer you the best value for money. The cylinder models also feature additional floor tools but in a different design. It also includes the pet tool. 

Why are Dyson Vacuum Cleaners popular world-wide?

There are many reasons that make Dyson so successful and a favourite brand in the world of vacuum cleaners. Anyone who has had the opportunity to own a Dyson Vac wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It sets a very high benchmark as far as cleaning is concerned. Let’s check out some of the features that make Dyson so successful.

The use of advanced technology

The cone shaped cyclone technology is the first and foremost feature that sets it apart from the rest. It collects all the dust and debris, even the smallest particle. After collecting the dust and impurities, the cleaner throws them into detachable dust bins. Since Dyson vacuums are bag free you don’t have to make an effort to change bags. The operation is smooth, powerful and mess-free; all the basic features we look for in a vacuum cleaner.

The HEPA Filter

HEPA filters are made from interlaced glass fibres. These filters are known to capture 99.9 percent of dust particles. All the newer Dyson vacuums are manufactured with HEPA filters. This prevents the dust and allergens from escaping back into the air once you have finished vacuuming. This feature makes Dyson attractive to buyers especially to those with allergies.

The Powerful Motors

Whether it’s a small handheld model or a more sophisticated cylinder model, Dyson does not compromise on the quality of suction. All the vacuums from this brand are fitted with powerful motors to make them as effective as possible. The power of the motor does not fade down over time and this makes them durable. Now who wouldn’t want to invest in a cleaner that lasts for a long time?

Deep cleaning quality

Any vacuum cleaner can clear up dust and dirt from smooth surfaces. But what if you have carpets or rugs which have tough dirt, hair and dust clogged in them? The traditional and basic models won’t work here. For such situations you need a cleaner like Dyson that can clean the deepest dirt.

Tips to buy the right Dyson vacuum cleaner At A Fair Price

  • Dyson is a premium brand. Some of the models can cost as much as an apartment’s rent. But in order to get the best value for money here are a couple of tips you might want to look at –
  • Look for trade-in-offers – Dyson has several exchange offers where in you get some price off in exchange for an old vacuum cleaner
  • Wait for seasonal discounts – Sometimes you can get Dyson vacuums for lesser prices during special occasions such as Christmas or end of year sale
  • Narrow down on the required features – As mentioned above the price goes up if the model includes more features or tools. Most of the time you won’t be using all of the tools and accessories that come with a specific model. Read reviews and get the basics right. For example, the pet tools are necessary if your pets shed heavily. And the removable brush bar is a must only if the residents have long hair. The difference in prices occur due to the accessories.

List of Dyson Vacuums That I Recommend


Cheap dyson vacuum
best affordable dyson vacuum


  • The most attractive pro of the V6 would be its price point. Except for a few cut-downs it includes all the basic features that one would need for a thorough cleaning. This makes the V6 the best alternative to the premium models such as V7, V8 and V10. 
  • It is lightweight. The design is high ergonomic and the V6 is the lightest model in the cordless category. 
  • The V6 has a great number of options. There is something for every type of cleaning. You can use the V6 for cleaning vehicle interiors, for cleaning small spaces and for getting rid of pet hair. 
  • It cleans well. Don’t let the price point or the comparatively limited features fool you. It performs well and is power efficient.


  • It has a limited cleaning time. The Dyson V6 can work continuously for only 20 minutes max. This is a very short cleaning time. 
  • It’s messy when emptying. And as mentioned before it does not come with a HEPA filter. Since it does not have a hygienic dust cup the dust will remain on the middle mesh filter. And for emptying you will have to disassemble the bin.

In the stick vacuum category this is the most popular and is a cheap Dyson vacuum. You would be surprised to know that this vac is fitted with the same dust cup and motor that is featured in the Dyson premium models such as V6 absolute. However since this is an older model it does not come with the HEPA filter. It is also not suitable for deep cleaning carpets or rugs.

The absence of the mini-turbo brush is also disappointing. If you are prone to allergies then we suggest you skip this model and choose the V6 HEPA which comes with a completely sealed filtration system.


Best Affordable Dyson Vacuum - Cheap Dyson Vacuum 2021


  • It is lightweight. Weighs less than 6 lbs.
  • It can clean the toughest surfaces especially carpets
  • Runs very quiet. It is also very smooth to operate when compared to the previous models
  • Features a direct drive motor head which captures small particles and pet hairs easily
  • You can convert into a handheld model to clean stairs, vehicle interiors or any other tight spaces
  • It is cord free. You can clean without worrying about tangling
  • The Li-ion batteries have a suction power that run for up to 30 minutes
  • The hygienic dirt ejector feature keeps the dust and dirt out of the airway
  • The filter is washable and does not need to be changed
  • It comes with a docking station for easy storage


  • Does not have a LED indicator of battery life
  • The dust cup is small
  • It is not compatible with the Dyson accessories from older models

The Dyson V7 stands out due to its maneuverability. It has 75 percent more suction power than the V6 models. You get great performance for a small price hike. All the other models such as the V8, V10 and V11 cost over $300. This is the best cordless stick from Dyson that you can own for under $300. The entire machine weighs less than 6 pounds. This incredible vacuum is lightweight and features a sleek design which will never give you any handling or storage problems. 


Best Affordable Dyson Vacuum - Cheap Dyson Vacuum 2021


  • It has a powerful suction that can continuously work for 40 minutes
  • It includes a variety of useful tools
  • Can be converted to hand held model


  • You need to hold the trigger down continuously
  • The vacuum doesn’t stand on its own

It’s portable, lightweight and has impressive suction power. All the basics and even more is included in this classy Dyson V8 absolute cordless stick vacuum. This cordless vac offers a powerful suction for 40 minutes. The HEPA filtration system removes all kinds of allergens from your space. It comes with sharp cleaner bristles that deep clean carpets.

The soft roller cleaner head makes it compatible with hard wood floors. The only minus is that the dirt bin is small and can contain only 2 cups of dust and debris. So this might be inconvenient for cleaning bigger spaces.


Best Affordable Dyson Vacuum - Cheap Dyson Vacuum 2021


  • It is light-weight, portable and durable
  • You can adjust the suction to three levels – 1, 2 and boost
  • It has a small store and charge mount
  • It can be used as a handheld vacuum


  • Some might find the run time insufficient

With Dyson V10 we are slightly moving towards the pricy side. But this innovative design is worth the extra money. This is also a cordless vacuum which you can convert into a handheld model. It comes with different cleaning heads and incredible and top of the line suction power.

This model makes cleaning a joy because of its updated features. Most customers have the belief that for thorough cleaning one needs corded vacuums, however the deep cleaning capacity and consistent high power makes this cleaner best for all kinds of cleaning.


Best Affordable Dyson Vacuum - Cheap Dyson Vacuum 2021


  • It has several multi-functional attachments
  • It has powerful suction features
  • It is easy to operate and manoeuvre
  • The machine can capture all kinds of impurities including lots of pet fur
  • The vacuum features HEPA filtration system


  • The set up can be a little confusing
  • The brush roll is segmented
  • The hose appears to be stiff
  • It has an inconvenient standing mechanism

Dyson Ball Animal 2 is meant for those of you who have furry friends at home. This is the top model among all the brands. It weighs around 15 pounds and is an upright vacuum model. It terms of power and efficiency it is unbeatable. The self-adjusting cleaner head switches between hardwood floors and carpet with ease. It features the strongest suction power.

You can use it to easily pull out clogged fur and hair. It also includes a feature known as instant release wand and long hose. This attachment can be used to clean difficult to reach areas such as walls and under the furniture.


Best Affordable Dyson Vacuum - Cheap Dyson Vacuum 2021


  • It does not topple over
  • Although it is heavy it feels lighter on the hand compared to the traditional models
  • It has a suction power of 250 AW


  • It is heavy to carry
  • If you are used to working with stick or upright vacuum’s you will find this canister model difficult to manoeuvre

The Multi-floor is suitable for all types of cleaning including removing pet hair. If you want a model that offer unlimited runtime then you need to go for the Dyson Ball Multi Floor Vacuum. Although on the expensive side of the spectrum you might want to check out the various cleaning options that this model offers. This canister model vac includes a switch on its handle which allows you to switch between hardwood cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Like other high-end Dyson vacs this model also includes a HEPA filtration system. The turbine head can be controlled at the handle which makes it easy it operate the vac. It is however heavy; it weighs around 17lbs. the ease of use and the efficiency of this Dyson vac is sure to exceed your expectations.

Final Notes on Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson is without doubt a premium brand. But it charges the extra bucks for the features and cleaning efficiency that you will not find in any other affordable options. If you are looking for a durable and quality vac then a cheap Dyson vacuum is what you need.

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