I am a concierge manager for a national law firm in the United States, my clients are the employees and visitors inside extremely lavish buildings. As you can probably guess, my responsibility is to ensure that my clients have the most convenient money can buy (this is so that employees and visitors spend less time in out-of-work activities and more time on business activities, thus increasing revenue for the firm). About my job…

This means I review proposals from most of the large “professional kitchenware” product lines with some of the biggest brands globally. My building goes through several coffee machines, microwaves, and pizza ovens every year. You would be surprised how many pizza ovens a bunch of starving, overworked, young lawyers can go through.

About me – Who is the Author behind the Kitchen and Appliance Adviser

I want you my readers to know that they can expect to read about the best products for their home kitchen and for all price ranges. I hope that my professional expertise in this area can aid you in finding the best products and appliances for your home.

About 2021

Gregory Davidson

Concierge Manager at a National Law Firm in the United States

Key responsibilities:

  • Responsible for building leisure amenities (R &R catering).
  • Responsible for buying kitchen equipment and white goods.
  • Responsible for entertainment and electronics within the break areas, lounge areas, and napping zones.
  • My job is to give lawyers everything they need to be refreshed so they can be available around the clock.

About Kitchen and Appliance Adviser

This blog is dedicated to all of the proud homeowners and renters who want that extra convenience and value in their home. Sometimes, it can be really difficult to narrow your choice down, especially when you know what you want – that little hint can be so helpful.

I hope that my blog can be helpful and I will work hard to make sure that you will have an honest introduction to any products that come my way. Most of the kitchen products or home appliances I have either used or have replaced within my 8 years working for this national law firm. You can always contact me with questions.

What’s With The Logo?


The Kitchen and Appliance Adviser Logo

This logo whilst simple really tries to reflect what kind of convenience people are looking for when they are reading my blog. For example -take the chef’s hat which reflects the majority of my target audience who are home cooks or are aspiring to be.

The line text obviously reflects what this blog is about, note the color of the text which is blue. Marketing professionals and psychologists agree that the color blue reflects intelligence and insight. I wanted to convey my knowledge on this subject – which is what to look for when you are buying a kitchen appliance or a household electronic.

About my Commitment to Quality and Transparency

This blog is a reflection of my professional expertise for the firm that I have worked for since 2012. I want every reader to know that the same effort and work ethic which I have placed into my corporate job that I will deliver the same for this blog. My commitment to quality will ensure that all of my articles regardless of the topic, will be well researched and well written. I want my readers to expect insight, professionalism and new-takes on what might seem to be a simple pizza oven or even a budget coffee machine for a student.

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